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I loathe being the bearer of bad news, but here it is… there are a measly two weeks of summer left. Shocking, I know. But instead of whining about the brevity of the season, let’s skip that whole charade and get straight to brass tacks; two weeks left before back-to-school / back-to-work means there is just long enough to freshen up your routine with some end of summer makeup looks before reality slaps us in the face.


Alright, this is clearly a #spon post, but I love the simplicity of her makeup, and the matte bronzy hue Lucy Williams has achieved. She is wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, but because I am a crazed follower of hers, I know she also has a weak spot for Nars Tinted Moisturizer and YSL touche concealer. Her cheeks are more tanned than rosy, so I would recommend Nars Laguna bronzer instead of a blush, or working with a more nude colored blush like this matte chai from Laura Mercier. Strong brows are really the cherry on the cake here, try using upward movements to fill in gaps and fill out brows with Glossier Boy Brow. Skip mascara but curl eyelashes and finish off the look with a natural lip balm, I’m hooked on Rosebud Salve.


Just a Child of the 80s Look

More and more throwback looks have been creeping through my insta feed as of late. If I’m honest, most of the pics feel too overdone, but I think Hanna pulled it off in a cute and delicate manner, unlike Lucy’s matte look, this one embraces shimmer, subtly. For a similar mani, try Candy Floss from Butter London. And go to a rager with ice blue eye pigment from Milk Makeup. Keep blush and lips lightly tinted and top off the look with a light shimmer dusting of GlamGlow’s new bronzer.


The Dark Romantic Look

Tamira Jarrel is ahead of the curve and already looking to fall makeup. Try a stick foundation from Flesh, along with an on-trend straight brow groomed into formation. Bobbi Brown’s chocolate truffle eyeliner is a good way to segue from super bronzed summer, to more of a polished saturated taupe look, I’d layer on some thicker mascara of your choice. Top off the look with lip stain that won’t dry you out, like this guy from YSL in a matte finish in a berry-derived light hue.